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Food, Facilities and More

Menu for First Day

Breakfast: Kachori with Curry, Sweets, Tea or Coffee

11 AM - Fried Amodi Fish and Salad

Lunch: Rice, Daal, Fried Potato, Vegetable Curry, Fish Curry, Chutney, Pappadam

Evening Snacks: Pakora, Tea or Coffee

Diner: Rice / Chapati, Daal, Fry, Mutton Curry, Salad

Menu for Second Day

Breakfast: Bed Tea, Kachori, Chana Masala, Moya (Homemade sweet) from Jaynagar, Tea or Coffee

11 AM- Fish Fry and Salad

Lunch: Rice, Daal, Shukto, Curry, Vetki Fish, Chutney, Pappadam

Evening Snacks: Veg Pakora, Tea or Coffee

Diner: Rice / Chapati / Fried Rice, Chicken Curry, Salad

Menu for Third Day

Breakfast: Bed Tea, Luchi and Aloo Dum, Boiled Egg, Tea or Coffee

Lunch: Rice, Daal, Fry, Curry, Parse Fish or Prawn, Chutney, Pappadam

Afternoon: Tea or Coffee and Biscuits

Additional Facilities

  1. Tea can be served 3 - 4 times a day
  2. If necessary, menu can be modified through discussions
  3. There is good food arrangements for vegetarians
  4. Experienced tour guides will accompany you throughout
  5. Packages can be customized according to your taste and need through discussions
  6. Pick and drop can be scheduled according to your need
Sundarban Mondal Travels